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1.Peterman-Seth MacFarlane

2.Pew-Die-Stewie-Steve Callaghan

3.All Our Scams-Ricky Blitt

4.Passion of Christ:First Sex-Seth MacFarlane

5.Road to Africa-Alex Borstein

6.Stewie:The Great Dictator-Mark Hentenman

7.Sexy Lady-Andrew Goldberg

8.Peter & Patrick-Alec Sulkin

9.Brian love Weed(s)-Patrick Meighan

10.Space Cadet called Chris-Chris Sheridan

11.Patriot Games-Danny Smith

12.Nazis In the House-Cherry Chavtampumgta

13.Dream of Peter-Wellesley Wild

14.One Will Die-Seth MacFarlane

The End

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