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(Griffin house)


Lois:Whas the matter Peter?

Peter:Where is my Batman glass?

Lois:You dont need it.You are a big boy


Theme Song

(Stewie and Brian)

Brian:Kid!They call you for dinner.

Stewie:Uh!They are more boring then Morgan Freeman talking about his walls.


Morgan Freeman:My walls are red color.They was red but suddenly my son colored it with his crayons.Now its in many colors.Someone is really bad boy.

(Women in front of Tv)

Women:This is so emotive.


Brian:Come with me Stewie!

Stewie:I will came with you only in your room. Imagine that Brian:Road to Brians Room.

Brian:You are queer.

Stewie:Yes,i am.

(At Dinner)

Lois:Here you are Peter!

Peter:Piss off i dont want even talk to you!

Lois:You are angry boy!

Peter:And you are idiot girl!You dont understand who is real hero!

Meg:Real hero is God!


(God flying in Flash Gordon Style)

Music:Flash aaaaaaaaaaa Saviour of universe.


Peter:Shut up Meg.Real heros are Batman,Superman,Spiderman,John Goodman,Luis Guzman.

Brian:Peter not anyone whos surname ends on man is superhero.

Peter:Bri,i have great idea!

Brian:Oh my gosh.

Peter:This calls for Peterman!

Jingle singers(sing):Peterman,he is here only to save us!

Peter:Peterman will be stronger than Batman,Superman,Spiderman,John Goodman,Luis Guzman.

Stewie:You forgotten Barack Obamamen.

Brian:Stewie his surname is just Obama!


(Drunken Clam)

Joe:I really worry about Peter.I didnt seen him few days.

Quagmire:Maybe he masturbates on young pics of his mom.


Quagmire:All right.

Man: Who else but Quagmire?!
He's Quagmire, Quagmire
You never really know what
He's gonna do next
He's Quagmire, Quagmire
Quagmire: Giggity-giggity-giggity-giggity, let's have sex!
Peter:Hey guys
Joe:Peter,thanks God you are okay.
Quagmire:How is she look like,ha?
Quagmire:We know what you did!You masturbated on your mother and thought:Oh my lucky daddy!You lucky son of a bitch!
Joe:Shut the hell up!
Peter:No.I didnt.I undrestanded what life means.
Quagmire:You mean like Sheakspire?
Sheakspire:Oh my beautiful Julia what life means?Life means farts on sunshine!Wait thats stupid!See there is chest with some old books!Buhahahahahaha!
Peter:I decided to became Peterman!
Quagmire:You mean like Batman,Spiderman,Superman,John Goodman,Luis Guzman,Obamamen.
Joe:Thats not superheros.Obamamen does not even exist.And Peter how you think to became superhero?You most fight the evil!
Peter:I fight with evil chicken whole life!
Joe:You passed test!
(Griffin house)
Stewie:Daddy!My bike wont move!
Peter:That calls for Peterman!
Stewie:Oh my God!Its bird!
Chris:No!Its airplane!
Brian:Have i do this?
Brian:No.Its Peterman.And you are bunch of idiots when you watch this shit anymore.
(Drunken Calm)
Horazio:Oh my God this hurt!
Peter:What happened?
Horazio:This pillar fall on me!
Peter:This calls for Peterman!
Horazio:Thank you Peterman!You are biggest hope of this city!
(Jesus on Cross in Nazareth)
Jesus:Oh God this hurt!
Peter:This calls for Peterman!
Jesus:Thank you guy!These Rome bastards wanted to kill me!Now i will kill them!Buhahahahahaha!
Peter:Good luck with that!
Tom:There is local miracle called Peterman!
Diane:Yes Tm!He is really great!I want his authogram on my vagina!
Tom:I can give you that!
Diane:Piss off!
Tom:Oh my God!Breaking News!Someon kiddnaped Mayor West and want to kill him!I have indications that they are same people who kiddnaped Goofy!
Robbers:Dont move!
Goofy:Fuck you!I know the guy who made 9/11.Ha?
Lois:Peter!You must help our mayor!
Peter:I dont know!I think!Maybe im not real hero!
Stewie:Oh God.Poor Daddy.Of course you are.
Stewie:No.You arent.Bitch.
Peter:I will try!
(Mayors Mansion)
Peter:Stop it!
Mayor West:Oh God!Its Peterman!
Peter:I am not Peteran!I am just Peter!I was so angry on Lois so i wanted to be someone i am not.I am so sorry.
Robber 1:This so sad!
Robber 2:I dont want to be robber anymore!
Peter:Oh God! this is so great ending!Ya.Nothing happened.Nothing resolved.Classic Family Guy.
The End.

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